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Front of  bodice      I took my basic bodice pattern to adjust for the new bodice. It was fairly easy. I squared off the point in the front. I then lowered the neckline in the front and back and rounded it out. I wear this over a high neck chemise with a jeweled collar.    Back of bodice
  I used brocade to make the stripes that are around the lower part of the skirt. The brocade is beaded with pearls and gold beads. (Similar to the portrait of Sybilla's sister, Anne of Cleves) I also used fringe on the skirt to protect the velvet.
Cranach, Lucas the Younger, Anna von Minckwitz. 1543

The Sybilla of Cleves portrait has a goblet shaped cuff on the sleeves. I knew that, sooner or later, I would be dipping that type of cuff in my soup. After a bit of research, I found that the sleeves has a smaller cuff later in the century. (while the type of bodice I wanted was still in use.)  The sleeves are attached to the bodice with hook and eyes.

( left and center) Front of gown
(right) Original gown (picture taken about 9 years ago)