Black and silver brocade gown                     page  1   2   3
     I had originally planned to make this dress for our Barony's Silver Anniversary. However, the events of last fall put all of my sewing on hold. 
     The brocade is another wonderful pattern from Timeless Textiles. The silver gray exactly matched the gray silk that I had leftover from making the spiral sleeved gown. I used about 20 yards of simple gray gimp trim. 
     The skirt has three panels of 60 inch wide fabric with 4 mm pearls sewn on the smaller crosses and 6 mm sewn on the larger ones. I am indebted to Baroness Meleah for helping me pearl most of the skirt panels.

Left- Back view
Above- detail of bodice

Photographing this gown was difficult because of the reflecting light.