Black satin doublet gown page 1   2

(left) front view
(right) back view
     This is my first attempt at building a doublet gown.
     I used flannel back satin because it looked the most simular to period examples. I had just purchased a sewing machine that had the ability to do emboidery. There is aproxamatly 72 yards of trim and machine emboidery.
      The funny thing about this gown is that I made it and then got pregnant with our son. I wear it rarely because I can barely squeeze into it

Alonzo Coello, Infanta Isabel Clara Eugenia c1585

(above) detail of bodice

(right) G.B. Moroni Portrait of a Lady of the Fenaroli family- Example of use of satin for an entire gown. c 1580

      I based the design from the portraits of Elisabeth of Valois and Isabel Clara Eugenia. The only differences is I have made is mine have the contasting undersleeves and underskirt The under sleeves are snug and the over sleeves very full and flowing.