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One of the most convenient  things that I have found is that once one has a working bodice pattern, making different gowns is easy. Although there are other cuts that were utilized, in examples like the Phoenix gown, I use the same pattern because it fits the shape of my body. (especially the shoulders which are hard to fit. Instead of the sides lacing, I stitched the side seams. 

Arnold, Patterns of Fashion. Page 104  circa 1562 
The opening is in the front, which is closed with hook and eyes. Black and gold piping was sewn along the upper edges. 

Although the bodice is worn over a corset, I re-inforced the front with buckram and boning. The inside is lined with cotton broadcloth

Detail of  my sleeve cap

I based the sleeve cap from the "Portrait of a Young Girl" I added the "puff and slash as seen in the Hilliard portait.

Above: Detail of sleeve cap and sleeve.
Right: Detail of my sleeve