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Front view
    This is my first attempt at working with leather. I acquired some pig skin suede shortly after Christmas and decided to make an entire outfit.  I decided to have not have trim or any other decoration so not to distract from the beauty of the suede.

     Working with leather presented many challenges that one does not face with fabric. The primary difference were that it was near to impossible to pin together, one had to be careful when pressing and since holes made in the leather were permanent there was little room for error

     Fortunately, I was able to purchase needles for my sewing machine that were designed for leather. Luckily, my machine was able to sew it. What little hand stitching I did was very difficult.

     The entire outfit is lined with a "raw" silk and brass button were used as closures. The sleeves were attached using hook and eyes. 

Detail of shoulder

(center) Back view.
(above) Side view