Men's (and boy's)  red and gold brocade outfit         page 1   2

Brad with Curtis (and Sophie)
     I have a lot of fun dressing my menfolk. I haven't been able to get either one to wear a ruff so I decided to make their doublets with a tapering collar.
     Drafting a pattern for my husband is a huge challenge. He's had surgery to put steel rods in his upper back and had sternum surgery when he was 4, causing his ribs to be smaller then normal. He's a seamstresses nightmare!!
     The doublets are made of a red brocade with 2mm pearls set in the design. The black velvet sleeve hook and eye onto the doublet. The doublet closes with metal buttons up the front. I lined Brad's doublet with rust silk which is also the same lining on the "slops".
     I made a matching doublet without pearls (on a smaller scale) for my son, Curtis, who insisted that his picture be included. I made a simpler style of pants. Boy's at his age would have been in skirts. However, I feel that it was not a good idea for actual wear. I regularly commit the sin of placing practicality over period.
(above and center) Brad , front and back view
(right) Curtis