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Arnold, Patterns of Fashion. Page 104  circa 1562 
     I made the bodice in the same manner of all my other gowns. I lined it in muslin (only cream thin fabric I had on hand) I set bands of fabric to cap the shoulders and on the waistline. I then gathered the fabric with metal buttons so that it formed a puff. I put very little boning in it because I will wear it over a corset. It laces up the side. 

Bodice front- flat view

Bodice back- flat view

     The sleeves were a challenge. As I only had one pair of drapes which were only sixty inches long, most of the fabric was used for the skirt and bodice. The sleeves were the last thing to be pieced. 

    The problem was to have the design of the brocade match and be identical on both sleeves. I decided to have the bottom part of the sleeve be solid with button and loops on the underside. The upper part  has three pieces with a button between. The fabric from the chemise is drawn though the open spaces. The sleeve is set on a band which hook on the bodice

Close-up of sleeve as worn.

Detail of sleeve