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This site started as a documentation of the work that I do in the area of Elizabethan period clothing. It is now taking on different direction as I am including other areas of costuming and other art mediums.

Although I design and make a variety of costumes, My favorite era is the reign of Elizabeth I.  I have been building Elizabethan costumes for nearly twenty years. This site contains pictures of my own work and the corresponding period examples. I have dedicated an entire section to techniques including a ruff tutorial.

    Besides Elizabethan costuming, I also enjoy Regency costumes. I also do Science Fiction Conventions.  I have included some of these in my examples. I have also interested in seige engines and plan to include them in future updates.

    Another art medium I love is glass. I have started to learn lamp working and glass fusing. I hope to start adding examples of my glass art.

     There is a short bio of myself.  I have included why “Anya” has been retired. I am no longer a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism.

    In using this site please keep in mind that each project may have more than one page.
Girl in red velvet

The gowns shown are not for sale.

Due to my very hectic schedule, I no longer sew for hire. The object of this site is to teach others how to make Elizabethan clothing.

Last updated on  January 28, 2008

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