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    When building the sleeves I was inspired by the painting of Elizabeth I. I based the undersleeves from the padded sleeve pattern from Janet Arnold’s “Pattern of Fashion”. The oversleeve shape I got from the study of various paintings 
     I put hooks on the undersleeves to attach it to the bodice. I choose to put double ribbons with metal tip on the oversleeves. The ties would go through a loop that was sewn on the bodice. That way, I would not have dangling ribbons if I chose not to wear the over sleeves

Arnold, Patterns of Fashion. pg. 101 c 1580-1600


Oversleeve with silk organza puffs. Lined in red silk. 

Sleeve detail from Bettes painting of Elizabeth I. 

Sleeve ties. Detail from Hilliard's illumination of Elizabeth I. July 15, 1585 

Sleeve ties on gown

Detail of eye and loops used to attach both set of sleeves to bodice.