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Elizabethan costuming requires special undergarment to shape the body into the desired silhouette.


     The first thing to go on is the chemise. I make mine to be easily washable. Many of the costumes are not easily cleaned. The chemise provides a layer between the gown and the skin. The two examples that I have shown are a square neck and a high collar chemise.  The sleeves are full so that the fabric can be pulled though slits and slashes. I prefer ankle length so that I can wear the chemise with a ropa. 


Square neck chemise with farthingale (hoops), corset and bumroll. 

Arnold, QEWU pg. 224 

Agnolo Bronzino “Laura Battiferri” 1550-60. Example of high neck chemise

Square neck chemise

Collar chemise

Back view

I am currently working on period stockings, garters and drawers. I hope to have them for the next update.