Black and red gown
over drum
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Front view of bodice and stomacher 
     Finding a working pattern was difficult. I read everything I could get my hands on. Arnold described the bodice as lacing up the front with a stomacher over it to hide the lacing. I decided to use my standard bodice pattern with the waist cut on a straight line. I used flannel back satin for the laced part. The stomacher was made with three layers of buckram and four pieces of steel boning. I lined the stomacher with blacksilk. Hook and eyes attach the stomacher to the bodice. 

Front view of bodice

Back view of bodice

Gheeraerts, Marcus Portrait of Mary Rogers: Lady Harrington, 1592  One of the dresses that gave me the idea for the cross work on the sleeves and stomacher. 

Front and back view of stomacher.

Detail  view of stomacher unhooked on one side to show lacing