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After much thought, I decided to devote an entire page to ruffs. Page 3 has my new  standup ruff.  No Elizabethan outfit is complete with out a ruff. Ruffs were worn by both sexes usually with a coordinating set for the wrists. Ruffs are made with the same technique of cartridge pleating that is used for the overskirts.  A tutorial for making ruffs is located under Tudor Techniques.

Caricature of the wearing of the ruffs c 1595

My newest set (to replace the one I gave to Countess Octavia)

My first attempt at a ruff

A quick word about shoes. I am not a leather person and have very difficult feet to fit. I have a few pairs of soft velvet slippers. However for normal wear I have discovered hand made shoes made in England by 
the company Born. They are period looking and very comfortable. 

Ruff and cuff set with machine blackwork 

Lace ruff and cuff set