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Some of my other work and activities.

A group shot with the Grand Prairie Women's Club
These are pictures from a show that I did for the Grand Prairie Women's Club in Dallas. Due to an unexpected cancellation, it was a bit of a scramble because I had only 72 hours to put together a show.

We got the models from the Women's club and proceeded to gave a grand time playing dress-up. I flew down on the 7 am flight, did the show then flew back in time to leave for a Baronial event I was supposed to help with. It was a challenge getting all the women dressed but all enjoyed playing "dress up". What a day! Since I was going on 36 hours with no sleep, I decided to wear a chemise and ropa with a coif to cover up the bad hair day. 

Newspaper clipping


My husband doing his best Henry VIII.

Brad and Curtis in matching clothes