Black brocade gown with Jacket page 1   2
     This is one of my favorite outfits. It originally was a newbe attempt at Tudor. While the materials were great the technique was.... not one of my best efforts.  I could not bring myself to closet it forever, so it was done over.
     I cannibalized an equally horrid overcoat of the same brocade that I had made for my husband. I fashioned a jacket. After redoing the underskirt, I was able do get enough gold brocade to make the under sleeves.. The sleeves attach to the old bodice which is hidden by the jacket, except in the front where the beading is exposed. I also pearled the black and gold trim. 

Hat and snood with pearls 

Side view from back

Wearing the outfit at Ansteorra’s 20th Year Celebration and Coronation 

Side view from front

Back view

Detail front view