Black and gold evening gown

     When I am not doing Elizabethan clothing, my other historical love is the Regency. I am one of Jane Austen’s biggest fans. 

      I used the principles found in Janet Arnold’s book on this period. I noticed that the regency bodices have the same cut as the earlier Elizabethan ones. I took the patterns I had from doing Elizabethan and  raised the waistline.  Both dresses have a double skirt. The black one has a wide band of velvet sewn on cheaper fabric that is hidden under the brocade. I lined the bodice and turned the seams on the skirts so that it has a “period” sewn look.  I have also included the underclothes I made to be worn with the gowns. 

I got the idea for the neckline and sleeve caps from Mrs. Hurst’s gown in the A& E version of P&P. I followed 
it up by finding period examples 

(above) detail view of bodice and sleeves. 
(below) detail view of sleeve caps. I used gold piping and secured the cap to the sleeve with buttons. 


Side view

Back view