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Now, the other pieces need to be prepared . First take the waist band and stitch the lining along the top only.

Example 6

Example 7

Stitch the leg band as the waist band. Press seams open. Fold the piece in half and stitch end. (example)

To prepare the lining. Assemble in the same manner as other pant patterns. First stitch the legs closed then stitch the two pieces together along the loop. Leave the same opening in the front to match the opening on the center piece. (example 3.1)  Press the seam flat. I usually shirttail hem the ends for a finished inside. 

We are now finally ready to put it all together !

Layer 1

Example 8
(This is going to get a little tricky)

1.) Attach center piece in the middle of the waist band (fig 1)
2.) Attach strips to either side of center back. Be sure that they are evenly spaced. (fig 2)
3) Attach the center front on both side of the waist band. The will bring the waistband around.
4.) Attach pieces to leg bands.

Example 9 

Layer 2
The next step is to pleat in the lining. First pleat in the waist. Then the leg bands Place box pleats over the point that the strips meet. (see red places on example 10) The finished product should look like example 11.

Example 10

Example 11
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