Grey silk gown 
with spiral sleeves
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    I wanted a dress that I could either wear with a bumroll or small hoops.  I made this on the same lines of all my gowns. The most challenging part of the dress were the spiral sleeves. (A special thank you goes to my friend Charles de Bourbon for heading me in the right direction.) 
    The gown is based the idea of a simple dress on many examples I have seen. The sisters praying (below) is the type of gown that I was working towards. 
      I decided I wanted to use “black pearls”. I dyed white costume pearls with RIT dye. The secret is to add 1 tsp. of rubbing alcohol and keep the dye very warm on the stove. I can wear it with or without  ruffs. 


Front view

Arnold, QEWU pg.128
     The spiral sleeves where made by first making a cotton mock up of a sleeve. I then cut a spiral line up the sleeve. After taking the sleeve apart I had the template for the sleeve and lining. Both the sleeve and the lining were assembled separately then interfaced. Three pearls join the sleeve. Hook and eyes close the cuff and hooks attach it to the bodice.

Detail of sleeves

Back view