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     I refer to this dress as a cross between an elizabethan riding habit and Scarlet's "curtain dress" from "Gone with the Wind".
     I bought a set of brocade drapes at a thrift store for 4 dollars and decided to see how cheaply I could make a full outfit.  The final tally was under 20 dollars. (This includes the hat and ruffs) I made the outfit with what I had stored up in a cavern I call a studio. See costspage
     The dress has only 4 pieces, a skirt, bodice and sleeves. It is worn over a square neck chemise, corset, spanish-style farthingale and bumroll. The accessories are a ruff set, hat, snood and jewelry. I made it for event that I when wearing one of more elaborate gowns would be too cumbersome. I can get into this outfit under 15 minutes. 

side view

back view

Close-up view of high crowned hat