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(left) Close-up of pleats
(right) Detail of using drapery tape to cartridge pleat

     I have been in the process of putting fringe on the bottom of my gowns to help preserve the hems. With this gown I did not want any stitching to show on the outside.
     The first thing I did was to pin the hem in place (with the help of my husband). I then ironed the hem making sure to iron a line along the very bottom of the skirt. After laying the skirt flat, I machine stitched the fringe an inch from the ironed line so that the fringe peeps out from the outside.  The hem was then finished as usual. I folded it in place then hand stitched it in place.

Close-up of outside

Another view of the outside of the skirt.

Arnold, QEWU pg. 185