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Front view

I wear a poet style hat with a gold metal snood crocheted with pearls

Detail of bodice

Detail of skirts


     I found this brocade at World Con and couldn’t resist! I friend calls this dress “the gown that Christmas threw up on”. It has approximately 5000 pearls and 900 gems. 
     The underskirt and undersleeves are quilted lame (cloth of gold). I stitched a 8mm pearl in each corner and set a 2mm clear cabochon costume stone.
      Down the front of the bodice and over skirt I stitched metallic ribbon with a metallic braid on either side. 9mm cabochon ovals in 6 jewel colors in mounting were sewn on with a large drop pearl in between.  I wear a wide lace ruff and matching cuff with this outfit.

Detail of bodice and sleeves

Detail of sleeves

Back view