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Front view

     My "blackwork" gown is based off of elements seen in some of Elizabeth's gowns later in the 16th century. 
     I designed this gown around the blackwork sleeves.  I wanted a simpler gown so that the sleeves and partlet were the center of attention.
     This dress consists of only a skirt and bodice made out of a black on black Ecclesiastic brocade.  I kept the trim and pearling to a minimum. There is a gold metallic strip down both sides of the bodice and skirt. The gold has black "knot work" trim down the center with gold "lace" trim. Black and gold piping is sewn on the inner edges.
      I wear it with my gold edged ruff and headgear that I made to go with this gown.

(note: I had a bit of trouble photographing this gown. Too much light made the sleeves reflect the light. Too little light and the black on black details were lost. I did the best I could)

Front side


Side view

Detail front

Detail back

Detail side